government has mechanism in place to coordinate with big NGOs such as Oxfam and Doctors Without Borders, it has no control over smaller ones. He called for them to be registered.

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hington, D.C. The Gores had left public an image of a happy couple when Al Gore served as vice president. (Agencies) WASHINGTON, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- An al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen ha.

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ntries in the world. Police told reporters Wednesday that there were at least 125 murder cases in just three days in the country, a staggering toll even by El Salvador's standard.

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h Congress where the Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, said in July that any nominee was unlikely to be confirmed. On Friday, the day after Cabanas' appointment,.

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hour remarks painted Holmes as a brilliant, "high IQ" Ph.D. candidate who "tried to murder a theater full of people because he thought it would make him feel better." The defense,.

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ased by Gallup on Monday. ? ?U.S. President Barack Obama attends the House Democratic Caucus retreat on Capitol Hill in Washington January 14, 2010.? (Xinhua/Re .

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6 p.m. Sunday. However, Giuliano said the exact number of casualties was not yet available as it was not known how many workers were actually at the site when the explosion occurre.

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Rally began on Jan. 4 in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. The race will last 14 days travelling through Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, to cover a total of 9,000 km. In this editi.

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to traveling to Haiti for the 5th Summit of the Association of Caribbean States. The government and the FARC are currently engaged in peace talks in Havana, Cuba, with the purpos.

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