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ks, roads and other projects in Clement's constituency, which is about 300 km from the nearest border crossing point. New Democratic Party MP Paul Dewar said the report confirms mo


t's unclear whether the plan could gain approval of Congress and even if enacted, could make a difference in the country's economic landscape before the election day. LOS ANGELES.


engthening our economic recovery," said Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who also joined Moore Friday morning. "This investment in CYBF is one that will pay dividends, now and in th.


the Electoral Tribunal (Tricel) earlier. A press report over the weekend questioned whether independent candidates Franco Parisi and Tomas Jocelyn Holt, who obtained 10 percent a.


rom the talks if Israel does not extend the freeze. According to an article published on Wednesday by David Makovsky, a researcher at the Washington Institute for Near Policy with .

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ry Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels in Ecuador. Ecuador wants to know the details of the cross-border raid and whether the planes and bombs used were from Colombia or not, Lu.

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inton, who said she thought the Cuban leaders "do not want the end of the embargo and the normalization of the relationship between Cuba and the United States" despite the efforts.

e. WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. State Department on Wednesday welcomed Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati's announcement to fund the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, a .

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