of Alan Gross would not be negotiated," said Josefina Vidal, a foreign ministry official in charge of North American affairs. Richardson said earlier this week that he was "very d.

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ntelligence for the military regarding foreign threats." The move to embargo the ship was sparked by a claim by creditor NML Capital Limited, part of a so-called "vulture fund," wh.

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rters after returning to Washington from a 10-day Asia trip. He singled out Russia's "important" support on sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program and provision of supply.

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d U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have seen nearly 7,000 U.S. troops killed in action. Some U.S. experts, however, contended that while al-Qaida may be weakened i.

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he temperature is nice," a participant whose first name is Martin told Xinhua. The government asked the citizens to travel by public transportation for free so that more people cou.

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rts of gasoline and isolating it further from the international financial system. Iran, though a major oil producer, heavily relies on imports of refined oil products such as gas .

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s not committed any crime in Russia, nor have Russian authorities received any request from the International Criminal Police Organization on arrest, said Russian human rights omb.

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ound dead on Wednesday in his vehicle, which was buried in snow in Alden, 24 miles east of Buffalo. Four people died Tuesday, three from heart attacks and one from being pinned ben.

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extremely proud of our Canadian Armed Forces personnel. These men and women perform critically important work to protect and assert Canada's sovereignty in the Arctic," said Juli.

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