e of the responsible ones of a killing of eight people in the northwest of the country. National Police Director, General Oscar Naranjo, said at least two armed people arrived at a.

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d a profitable oilfield in the gulf have failed. Since 2007, Cuba produces about 4 million tons of crude and derivatives annually, enough to meet half of domestic demand. Venezuela s.

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r northern Veracruz and the states of Hidalgo, Tlaxcala and Puebla immediately inland from Veracruz. During a red alert, citizens must be ready at all times for evacuation while c.

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as well as the courage and tenacity of those who are facing the horror of starvation and extreme malnutrition, when donating to the relief effort," she said. Canadian aid agencies.

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art of the preliminary meetings from Wednesday to Saturday before the regular parliament sessions start on Sunday. Boris Luis Rodriguez Garcia, expert from the Center for Research .

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ons favorable for realizing its ambition for world supremacy, the article said. It added that to this end, it (the United States) seeks to put its strategy of preemptive attack on .

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on are all above their historical levels. They must be reduced a little at a time. We are going to implement dredging works so that the reduction can be speeded up," he said. Cald.

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a military strike against the Syrian government in retaliation for its purported use of chemical weapons. The United States should use force against Syria but would wait for a vot.

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e reception they will get in a given area. The mistake has been existing since the original iPhone that was launched in 2007, Apple said, adding that the software update will be av.

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