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nator Katia Abreu, who is also president of the National Confederation of Agriculture, will head the Agriculture Ministry, replacing Neri Geller. Helder Barbalho, the former mayor


ia, while urging the two nuclear super powers to further reduce their nuclear arsenals. Global Zero, an international initiative launched in December 2008 to promote the eliminati.


the 100-member Senate, pointing to a sure failure. In his weekly address on Saturday, Obama again argued for quick Senate approval of the new START treaty he signed in April with .


t. Santos said he has always been aware of the difficulty of reaching a peace agreement with the guerrilla group, but insisted this goal must be met. "We have to follow through. We.


y. You don't experience Vancouver by staying in your hotel room. You get out and walk around, and you'll find that people here are doing all kinds of things from hiking to diving.

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citizens killed were a 39-year-old woman and her two daughters who were returning from visiting relatives in La Huasteca, a region in northeastern Mexico, officials said. The gunm.

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ended for thousands of residents in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, after snowstorm swept the continental part of Croatia on Wednesday, local meteorological authorities said .

Ferry police chief Ralph Verdi told CNN. "We're doing the best we can," he said. "Our town is in real trouble right now." Meanwhile, President Barack Obama declared a state of "ma.

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